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local news agencies can use the system to send community related information.
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In areas where the SAPS are willing and able they can monitor the SMS system



To broadcast a SMS with SMSNAYBERS all you have to do is send the message that you wish to send to 33800, The SMS will automatically be broadcast to everyone that is registered in your street or group.

Sending a message as a KMOC

If you are a KMOC and have been connected to other groups you can broadcast a SMS to all the groups that that you are connected to by typing * at the beginning of the SMS. if you do not type * the message will only be sent to the people in your group.

In an Emergency Situation

If I am in a situation I won't have time to type a SMS to ask for help and I have my Blue Security, Panic button, Police numbers and Guard Huts to use for help!?

Whenever you are in an emergency situation you must use your panic button, phone the police or radio your guard huts FIRST!!! They are the ones who are trained to help you in the emergency situation.

Please remember SMS NAYBERS is not a security company with armed response etc.

SMS NAYBERS is a communication system.

The purpose of SMS NAYBERS is that it provides a fast communication tool for you to notify your neighbours after the burglary incident has happened. They can be notified quickly about what has just happened. The police/security guards know what happened BUT the rest of the neighbours in the street, whom it EFFECTS, have no idea what happened, they just saw police vehicles racing past!

Today the police and security companies are urging neighbours to COMMUNICATE with their neighbours as they have identified that awareness and knowing your neighbour helps to fight crime! This is where the SMS NAYBERS SMS system comes in to make your fellow neighbours AWARE.

The police or your security guards are not going to knock on all your neighbours doors in the street to tell them what happened at house number 7! You as the neighbour at house 7, need to make your neighbours aware as soon as possible when something has happened as the police may not have caught the burglars and they may be heading to your neighbours houses next!

You are contributing to the safety of your neighbours by making them aware of how the criminals burgled you, so they can prevent it from happening to themselves.

Most importantly if you have seen someone suspicious and you send a message to your neighbours your neighbours are alerted that "a guy wearing red shirt" looks suspicious. Two minutes later that same man could be knocking on their door and now they will be cautious to let him in and possibly prevent something harmful happening to themselves, had they not been warned quickly.

Your guard hut and security companies are not there to talk to your neighbours for you! That is not their function, they will respond to emergencies THEY CAN'T BE A NEIGHBOUR FOR YOU!

Does NAYBERS.info have a back-up system for the SMS system if power goes out?

Yes our ISP are fully equiped for power failures, However Note that sometimes the SMS systems can become overwhelmed with sms's and a short delay of delivering your message may take place(This is not very common) . Please note that we do not take any responsibility of SMS's after they have been sent to our ISP from our system.

Leaving your street, Change of details, coming off the SMS System

What happens if my personal details change, cell number etc?

Inform SMS NAYBERS via our contact page.
SMS NAYBERS will give you a form to fill in, with your change of details.
Link your SMS NAYBRES profile with your NAYBERS.INFO profile and change your settings there

What if I move?

If you are moving to another street that have formed a group with SMS NAYBERS already, we can transfer your details over to your new street group and link you in with the If you are moving to a street that isn't linked with SMS NAYBERS you can organize a meeting in your street and link your neighbours up there if you wish.

How do I come off the SMS system?

To stop receiving SMS's from SMS NAYBRES system all you have to do is SMS STOP to 33800 and you account will be deactivated ! To start using the system again SMS START to 33800


What if people abuse the system and swear?

We monitor all SMS's going out to our members, if we pick up that a member is abusing the system he/she will be removed from SMS NAYBERS and will not be able to use the system again. alternatively you may reply ABUSE to the abusive SMS you received and if will be flagged and noted for our administrators to take action

Size and distance of the group formed

The neighbours in the group who want to join live too far away from me in the road?

It doesn't matter how far apart you live because your neighbour that lives on the other side of the road from you is STILL 2 minutes away from you to come help!!!

If something happens to a neighbour on the other end of your road, or if he sees something suspicious it's still important information to know that will affect you on the other side of the road

I already communicate to my neighbours

I am already in contact with all my neighbours via e-mail, SMS and we have all our neighbours numbers on a list to phone!!

Even better, this is definitely the system you need to be on then because:

1. SMS NAYBERS is cost effective-your SMS and communication costs will be cut down

2. SMS NAYBERS manages the administration of the entire group for you with change of cell numbers/email etc. As a result no neighbour in the group has to do the administration work to keep the group together and everyone remains in contact.

3. We notify everyone of new members.

4. When sending an SMS on our system you don't have to type your house number or name in your message. It will show up automatically when your neighbours open the message you sent them.

5. It will be faster to get hold of everyone. Phoning a list of people takes longer to get hold of everyone, over a day!

6. You will be made aware of things happening to neighbours in the street next to you that you otherwise would be unaware of.

7. You get access to www.naybers.info for easier communication than your email and a great tool for a leader to use to communicate meetings and show minutes from meetings with their neighbours!

8. With SMS you will get the messages even when you not at home

9. The SMS System is also remote, so you will receive the messages when you on holiday

Access to neighbours contact details

Will SMS Naybers send us a list of everyone's cell numbers?

We will not hand out anyone's personal details to anyone else, not even your neighbour, so that you can trust us with your personal details to keep them private and to ensure it does not get leaked out to a person claiming to be your "neighbour".

You can however, now that you are in communication, ask your neighbours for their individual cell numbers.

You as a neighbour can show the personal details you want to show up on your profile page on www.NAYBERS.info, for your neighbours to see. This is a great way to connect with your neighbours.

Joining with other streets

Can we link our street with another street behind us and make it one big group?

SMS NAYBERS links streets first, if instructed we can put your members in a group to expand your sms broadcast, You can nominate a KMOC to connect different groups in your area to broadcast to even more people !

Other SMS systems companies that send security information to phones

I am on an SMS system where I get sent security SMS's notifying me of my whole suburb, it has a speed dial function as well where that will send an armed response to me, what is the difference?

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: They offer a completely different service! They do not offer what we offer!

Please remember they are a security company and only CRIME related: SOS, alert response, disseminate info to large groups of people and only on crime!

The information they disseminate is delayed, as they stop and analyze your SMS (it's not immediate). You can't communicate directly to the members in your street. They send to a broader, vast area (i.e. the whole of Kloof). They don't offer the benefit of instant communication in your road to your neighbours!

With SMS NAYBERS you can communicate about what you want! You are not going to organise a braai through a security company or tell a security company or crime organisation to tell your neighbours to send a thank you SMS to a neighbour for finding your cat, or to organise a meeting! SMS NAYBERS is personal to YOU and your street to talk about ANYTHING! And we link you directly with your STREET, not suburb!

SMS NAYBERS IS NOT: Security Company, Crime Organisation, Speed Dial Panic Button, Armed Response Unit.

Those are all to be used for Emergencies!

SMS NAYBERS is for your neighbours in your street to communicate messages INTANTLY!

Commitment and making a decision

Well I think we should go home and think about it and have ANOTHER MEETNG between ourselves to decide if it's viable and we should go home and ask other neighbours, husband and wives.

It won't work like that, we know from experience that if you want to make it work you must decide as a group now that have discussed it. The people at the meeting are the ones who will make the call for the street as they are they proactive ones who have come. If you don't decide now, others not at the meeting certainly won't join as there is no group to join! You will never start a group with every single person involved at the start!

You will not get more people at a re-meeting: we know from experience that the same people come. The people who are not at your meeting are not the proactive ones.

Your husband and other neighbours have no idea of what SMS NAYBERS is about as they are not at the meeting, so they shouldn't need to make your mind up.

Once people go home they don't know who is keen and they loose track of what is happening and if anyone is keen. The people concerned are the people sitting around you

Your other neighbours will only join if the proactive people at the meeting decide to go for it and form a group!!

Your group has to start somewhere and it will start with the proactive people which is you!

How do we grow the group?

If you form a group lets say of 5 people. If each person told one neighbour about it your group can double!

The other neighbours are ONLY likely to join if you guys already form a group for them to join.

There are forms on our website that the other neighbours can fill in and send to SMS NAYBERS.

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